The citrus fruits of the Fondis area are the basis for special orange marmalades, bitter or blondes or mandarins or clementines or lemons. The flavours of the fruits make these unique jams.  

Blonde Orange of Fondi

The blonde orange has been appreciated since the eighteenth century, when the Fondi name becomes synonymous with orange. The orange groves characterize so much of the territory that were mentioned by the travellers on the Grand Tour in Italy in the 1800s. There are plants more than a century old.

Cafone Bread

This is a homemade bread, handmade, baked in a chestnut wood oven and prepared with natural yeast. This bread is called ‘ignorant’ because it was the bread of the common people, made with basic ingredients and without any decoration, crosses or cuts on the surface.  

The Francigena Way South

The Via Francigena was the route that the European pilgrims followed from Canterbury to Rome during the Middle Ages. The Francigena Way South, however, connected Rome with Jerusalem. The path ran along the Appian Way to get to embark at Brindisi. The Garigliano river was crossed in Suio. Along these Read more…