Cantando la Palma

In April, traditions and rituals characteristic of Holy Week in Castrocielo take on a special flavor with a singing event on Palm Sunday. “Cantando la Palma” is a day of celebrations in anticipation of Easter organized by the municipality in the parish of Santa Lucia. It begins with the parade Read more…

Exhibition of Ciociarian Cribs

During the Christmas festivities in Castrocielo the competition for the “best nativity scene” open to all fans of the nativity art. The cribs remain on display throughout the holiday season and is a perfect opportunity to see some of the most beautiful cribs in the province of Frosinone!

Christmas in Castrocielo

During the Christmas period in Castrocielo there is the characteristic living nativity scene in Ciociaro costume. On Saturday in mid-December this nativity scene is also accompanied by tasting of typical products of this beautiful part of Ciociaria.  

Saltarello, dance of life

Saltarello is life. It is a dance of life, of liberation, of challenge. Saltarello contains a world of messages, proposals, waste, gambling, outburst, union and jealousy. Saltarello is an ancient dance. They danced almost always outdoors, on the farmyards, after intense working days in the harvest, in the wheat harvest Read more…