Cave- Pizza di polenta

Polenta Pizza

It’s a plate of the Cave tradition, combining polenta, broccoli and sausage. You prepare the polenta to make small disks that are then roasted on the plate. In the middle of two discs, sausages are put with broccoli, which are a simple but tasty combination, typical of the cuisine of Read more…

Cave- Lacchene


The Lacchene are special maltagliati, that is a mixture of water and flour pulled with the rolling pin to make a thin but spongy sheet. The ‘leaf’ is cut irregularly and seasoned with sauce. The particular dough is also called hairy because thanks to its shape it is able to Read more…

Minestrone di Stagione

Vegetable Minestrone

Vegetable minestrone is one of the basic dishes of Roman tradition and is prepared each season a little differently by collecting the fresh produce of the vegetable garden. It is enjoyed in the agriturismi of the area with the vegetables produced und erbiological conditions.

Festival of Madonna del Campo

On April 27, Madonna del Campo, one of the two Cave patrons, is celebrated with a large religious procession where the painting is taken in procession on an original nineteenth-century carriage carried by members of the brotherhood.

Traditions of the Country

In the middle of July, in Speciano, there is a beautiful event dedicated to the “Traditions of the Country” which includes a canine exhibition, the election of ‘Miss and Mister Farmer’ and horse gymnastics. There is live music throughout and gourmet booths with all home-made products.

Procession and Palio of Peace

Cave annually commemorates the signing of the Cave Peace Treaty of 1557 with a re-enactment in historic clothes, archery and crossbow tournaments, displays by flagwavers and cultural events. In peace the Viceroy Duca d’Alba asked for forgiveness for the war against the Pope, fearing a new sack of the Capital, and instead Read more…