Cellino San Marco. Cheeses

The cheeses of the Cellino San Marco countryside are made with mixed milk and are to be tasted fresh and when they are seasoned they are perfect for grating to accompany the first courses and in particular the famous orecchiette.

Cellino San Marco. Meatballs

Meatballs are certainly one of the most emblematic dishes of Cellino San Marco: you can have meatballs during meals but also as an accompaniment to aperitifs in bars. Prepared with sauce or just fried, there are many ways you can taste them.

Cellino San Marco. The Tarallo

The tarallo is the ‘typical Apulian product’ also recognized as an emblem of Italian traditions by the Ministry of Agriculture. The tarallo is a ring made with unleavened dough made from flour, water, wine, oil and salt and is often flavoured with spices like fennel seeds. It is cooked in Read more…