The oil grown and produced here belongs to D.O.P. classification “Colli Orvietani” and consists mainly of the varieties Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoio. The oil of City of Pieve is characterized by being rather fruity and having low acidity.


Città della Pieve belongs to the wine classification D.O.C. “Colli del Trasimeno”. The production is predominantly red wine mainly made of sangiovese grape with other grape varieties typical of the Trasimeno. The wine of Città della Pieve, fruity with a slightly bitter after-taste, is particularly suitable for meats and vegetables.

The Chianina

Despite, today, its breeding not being geographically circumscribed, the Chianina cattle breed is an integral part of the traditions of many municipalities in the Val di Chiana, in Tuscany and Umbria. A Chianina calf is given as a prize to the winner of football in costume, held annually in Florence. Read more…


In the rest of Umbria they called it umbricelli but in Città della Pieve, which is influenced by the neighbouring Tuscany, it is called pici and represents one of the highlights of local cuisine. The recipe is simple: water, flour and very little, if any, egg. The preparation consists in Read more…

Il Giardino dei Lauri

Giardino dei Lauri is an exhibition space that houses a collection of contemporary art with works in interior areas as well as outdoor sculptures with the background of the Umbrian hills. It was founded by the Neapolitan collectors Massimo and Angela Lauro.

The Kossuth Space

“Spazio Kossuth”, the Kossuth Space in Città della Pieve is dedicated to the master sculptor Wolfgang Alexander Kossuth, one of the greatest sculptors of the European twentieth century. It was inaugurated in 2015 by Vittorio Sgarbi and is located inside the garages of the Palazzo del Vescovato.

The Monumental Nativity

Every Christmas the Terziere Castello sets up in the vaults of Palazzo della Corgna the Monumental Nativity (Il Presepe Monumentale), a work which is divided into several rooms giving an illustrated journey through the underground corridors with a total of 8 rooms and more than 500 square meters. Each room Read more…


Every year in October there is an event focused on saffron by the local association of producers. The plant, native to Asia Minor, has been used since ancient times for dyeing, drug, cosmetic and culinary use and its cultivation has been widely practiced in Città della Pieve since the Middle Read more…