Autumn Neighing

A review in Cittareale to learn about the horse world in all its manifestations, the different breeds with their characteristics: from the Italian giant CaiTpr (Cavallo agricolo italiano da tiro pesante rapido) to the blond Haflinger, Murgesi, Maremmani, Gypsy Vanner Horse and the Tolfetani. And if we talk about Tolfetan horses Read more…

Royal water

Cittareale is the source of ”Cittareale Royal Water “. From the analysis it was found that this water presents exceptional organoleptic properties, in addition to being low in sodium and to have almost no bacteriological content.

Cheese Bowling  

The Italian Federation of Traditional Games and Sports (F.I.G.e S.T.) organizes a contest of Cheese Bowling, an Etruscan origin game. As for the skittles, the type of cheese bowled was also a gamble. It is said that a certain Baraccani, bowling a matured form of pecorino cheese, lost, along with Read more…

Charms of the past

Historical Reenactment “Enchantment of the Past” is an event in which the whole of the municipality of Cittareale is mobilized to reactivate the old local inns. The streets come alive with a costume parade for a historical entertainment. The event includes a small market, photo gallery and folk dances.

Neighing in Autumn

In September there is the national festival of the Italian Heavy Drafthorse. The event takes place over four hectares and is aimed at local farmers, those who have the passion for the workhorse and practice the art of this discipline.

Civic Museum

Since 2005 archaeologists of the British and Italian universities are leading the campaigns of excavations in this territory campaigns that allowed the discovery of many artifacts. The findings span a vast historical period that starts from the social wars of the “Romanization of Sabina” up to the medieval period. Many Read more…

The Fortress

The fortress is a masterpiece of military architecture and its function was defence of the territory, given its strategic location on the border between the Kingdom of Two Sicilies and the Papal State. Over the centuries the fortress has suffered several modifications to adapt it to new weapons such as Read more…