Alleys and cellars

August 4, A demonstration in the streets of the center of Colfelice to discover and learn about the flavors of traditional dishes that can be tasted in the cellars open from late afternoon. A way to spend a summer evening with live music and eno-gastronomic delights.  

Saltarello, dance of life

Saltarello is life. It is a dance of life, of liberation, of challenge. Saltarello contains a world of messages, proposals, waste, gambling, outburst, union and jealousy. Saltarello is an ancient dance. They danced almost always outdoors, on the farmyards, after intense working days in the harvest, in the wheat harvest Read more…

Old Town

The population of Coldragone is a historic village dating from the late sixteenth century and is set around the Piazza del Duca, in reference to Boncompagni. The historic core of Villafelice includes some old buildings dating back to the late 1700s and some interesting stone portals.

Roman Villa of Imperial Era

Colfelice was created by the Romans at the crossroads between two Roman roads: the Via Latina, the hillside road linking Arpinum to Aquinum, and Via Vitularia. Along this second path has been found a Roman villa which operated between the 1st century BC and AD III, with a terracing system Read more…

Guide of Colfelice

The area around Colfelice was inhabited since Roman times, as the remains of a villa prove, and has been inhabited since the first century BC. After the Lombard invasion, the population was allocated to be under the protection of the lords of the stewardship of Aquino. It was then fought Read more…