Oil and Wine

In Colle San Magno you can find oil and wine of excellent quality produced by local farmers. You can find these in the local shops or in bulk from the local manufacturers and distributers.

La Pigna

La Pigna is the typical Easter cake of Ciociaria and looks like a kind of leavened panettone with a dough full of raisins, cinnamon, anise, vanilla and scented with candied orange and lemon and a hint of liqueur. Its preparation is rather complex and requires many hours and for this Read more…

The Pagliette

The Pagliette are donuts that follow a complex cycle of preparation as they are first boiled and then placed in the oven. The ingredients are simple: eggs, oil, sugar and flour. After cooking they are covered with an icing “cò gliò gileppe”, a mixture made with sugar, water and egg Read more…

Ancient Mountain Wheat

Mountain wheat, cultivated in the past in the areas of high altitude, has survived until today thanks to some farmers who have preserved, and replanted some ears, and now crops have been re-established. A unique feature, due to the altitude at which Colle San Magno is located, is the task Read more…


The traditional cuisine was ‘poor’ but tasty and has many traits common to the whole Ciociaria as a soup of bread and vegetables or fried pizza. The frionza ingredients change depending on the season and the availability of vegetables from the fields.