Wild Boar Festival

In August there is the Wild Boar Festival and all the parks are transformed into an open-air restaurant where you can try the pappardelle with wild boar, gnocchi with mutton sauce, and grilled meat.

Villa of Quinto Assio

In the Colli sul Velino are the remains of two Villae Rusticae (Rustic Roman Villas). A villa dating back to the first century BC belonged to Quinto Assio, Roman consul in 55 BC. Cicero described the wonders of this villa, called “delle Rosce” in a letter. The building was raised Read more…

Lake Ventina

Lake Ventina is a small water basin with a maximum depth of 3.5 meters. Along with the nearby lakes, Ripasottile and Piediluco, it is the remnant of the ‘lacus Velinus’. The lake is fed by several sources that preserve the level as well during the summer. The basin is highly Read more…

Church of St. Mary Magdalene

Located at the centre of the village, St. Mary Magdalene was built in 1818. Its facade is simple stone with a gable roof. Inside, the church has a single aisle and ceiling in wooden trusses. The walls are decorated by the artist Franco Bellardi.