Church of San Luigi

The church was built by extending one of the towers of the defensive system of Cottanello and for this reason, the Kingdom Gate is connected to the apse of San Luigi. The simple medieval structure is enriched by a neoclassical entrance door that is located on one of the long Read more…

Gate of the Kingdom

The Kingdom gate is an arch of well-squared stones and apparently worked without ties to the rest of the buildings. It takes its name from its position towards the Kingdom of Naples and was originally the secondary gate of the village and the nearby apse of the church was one Read more…

Orsini Palace

In the historical center one meets one of the palaces once inhabited by the Orsini family that for years has governed Cottanello. The simple medieval facade was enriched in the Renaissance by a marble string course and linear cornices around the entrance door and the windows on the second floor.

Via del Corridoio

The road traces the ancient road that the soldiers used during their watch on the perimeter of the village. The route follows the perimeter of the original medieval village, passed through the two walls of the walls through the gates to access the village itself.