November at the Fair

A Sunday at the Abbey of Farfa, Fara in Sabina, for the traditional vintage and modern markets dedicated to collectors and all those looking for an opportunity to visit one of the most evocative places in Lazio where part of our history. Zero km products for all those who love Read more…

Oil Festival

A weekend in Canneto Sabino, a village of Fara in Sabina, to know and appreciate one of the treasures of Sabina, the famous DOP oil. A weekend dedicated to autumn and its flavors including food and wine stands and live music shows.

Autumn Fair of Fara in Sabina

Autumn is greeted in Fara in Sabina with a day of open-air markets. The Car boot sale is a special: everyone fills his car with objects he wants to sell or exchange with others. An opportunity to visit the famous abbey and to wander around in Sabina countryside.  

Strolling through the Roses

Among the opportunities and reasons to go to visit Fara in Sabina, in addition to the famous Abbey of Farfa, you can take advantage of a special day: that of the festival ‘Strolling through the Roses‘ at the beginning of June. The rose is the flower of joy and celebration Read more…

Dried Mutton

The leg of the sheep is boned, rolled and seasoned with salt, pepper, chili and garlic. The meat is placed to dry by the fire and left to mature in a well-ventilated cellar. The preparation has very ancient origins and this conservation system enabled the people to have sheep meat Read more…

Castrum Pharae

In mid-July there is the Castrum Pharae, a medieval re-enactment that brings to the village of Fara shows, concerts, jugglers, stilt walkers, knights and ladies, and horse contests.