Feast of Our Lady of the Suffrage

The first weekend of the month of September in Grotte di Castro is the celebration of Madonna Santissima del Suffragio with solemn religious events. The streets of the village are then animated by popular games and live music. The event closes with the traditional fireworks show.

Aleatico Gradoli DOC Wine

Viticulture in the Lake Bolsena area developed since the Etruscan period thanks to the microclimate of the lake. The cultivation of the vine had a major expansion with the Romans and continued uninterrupted so that in 1627 Tassoni in De pensieri diversi’ mentions it among the tasty wines. The Aleatico Read more…

Our Lady of Suffrage

Every year, on September 8, the feast of Our Lady of Suffrage is celebrated and every 10 years this occurs with a special festival and procession called ‘descent’. The story began in 1616 when the Capuchin friar Father Angelo from Ronciglione came preaching in Grotte setting up arrival from Rome Read more…

Potato Festival

In August is the festival dedicated to one of the best products of the countryside of Grotte di Castro: the potato. During the festival you can taste dumplings, croquettes and pizzas made with local potatoes.