Christmas markets

The second weekend of December, the village Setteville of Guidonia comes alive with the stalls of the Christmas markets. An opportunity to think of gifts to friends.

Regional Cuisine Festival

The second weekend of September, on the occasion of the feast of the patron saint, in Setteville, a village of Guidonia Montecelio, there is a special festival that involves several Italian areas of the central-south: the “Regional Cuisine Festival”. The foods are all cooked on the spot and you can see the Read more…


This is a traditional pasta made with water and flour kneaded by hand and worked into a ‘thick spaghetti’. It is topped with a simple sauce of fresh tomato just seared and with the local pecorino cheese.

Sulphurous Springs Acque Albule

The carbon-sulphur springs of Acque Albule arise from Regina and Colonelle lakes and were often mentioned by Latin writers and celebrated for their therapeutic and medicinal qualities. Pliny the Elder said that “the battle wounded soldiers were brought to Acque Albule as the best place for treatment, whence they returned Read more…

Museum of Via Cornicolana

The museum is located in the crypt of St. Mary’s Church in Setteville where the route of the ancient Roman road was discovered (Gemina Via Tiburtina) that went to Sabina. In the crypt are also preserved many ancient artefacts from the area.