Isola del Liri- Villa Nota-Pisani by Archivio bruno Ceroli

Villa Nota-Pisani

The villa was built in the nineteenth century by Carlo Lefebvre when he took over the paper mill and came to live in Isola del Liri. Carlo was a French financier and industrialist who had arrived in Italy following Napoleon Buonaparte during the Italian Campaign and was in charge of Read more…

Isola del Liri- Torre Marica by Bettiol

Marica Tower

The tower is located on the hill of San Sebastiano and was built to defend itself against the frequent incursions of the Saracens that, at the end of the 9th century, had settled in the mouths of the Liri, today Garigliano. The Saracens moved to the hinterland of the Alta Read more…

Isola del Liri - Chiesa Sant'Antonio by Bettiol

Church of Sant’Antonio

The church was originally called the Church of the Saints Crucifix (Crociforio) and was part of the Convent of Saint Francis, which was expropriated and became a woollen mill. The church was damaged by the 1915 earthquake and destroyed by American bombings in WW2. After the war, the churches of Read more…