From art to pumpkin

Pumpkin has always had its own special charm linked to its taste but also to the artistic and artisanal workings that are made with this product. A day dedicated to this tasty product of the earth is celebrated in Labro.

Labro Festival

Labro Festival is a review of music of different genres, opera and dance performances that takes place from 2010. The setting is the wonderful village of Labro, capable of integrating with delicacy ancient and modern, medieval architecture with modern interventions. The festival is full of music concerts and dance performances Read more…

Pizzicotti Festival

A party in Labro to celebrate the pinches, lumps of leavened dough that are cooked in salt water. They are then seasoned with tomato-based sauces but also with other sauces. They look like gnocchi but they are not made with potatoes and their name derives from the use of the Read more…

Truffle Festival

Labro: the truffle festival was created to raise awareness of one of the products of the woods of this area of Sabina on the border with Umbria. The truffle is the main protagonist of many pasta dishes, made with handmade pasta, but also with other dishes.

Guide of Labro

Labro, in the mountains of Rieti, was one of the first medieval town centres to be the subject of a modern conservative restoration where the old structures are provided with modern amenities without losing their identity in the past. The merit goes to a Belgian architect who, in the late Read more…