The Medieval Tower

La Torre Maschia of the walls is a massive cylindrical body with a walkway around the outer battlements. At its entrance is the coat of arms of Pope Victor III (1086-1087), to which is probably attributed the reconstruction of the town. In the seventeenth century it became a prison. Today Read more…

Colonna Palace

Although this building was never completed and has a modest appearance, Marcantonio Colonna was born here. He was the victorious admiral in the Battle of Lepanto against the Turks. In 1564 it was sold, along with all Lanuvio, to the Cesarini.

Guide of Lanuvio

The town of Lanuvio southeast of Rome was built on the ancient town of Lanuvium and legends tell that Lanuvium was founded by Diomedes or by a Trojan named Lanoios after the Trojan War (1180-1170 BC). Defeated by the Romans in 338 BC, Lanuvio obtained a privileged treatment in exchange Read more…