Traditionally, chestnuts were an essential product of the diet. They were dried and stored for subsequent slow cooking. They were added to vegetable soups, milk soup or cooked with pig’s trotters or pork rinds. Ground into flour, they became an ingredient in bread, pasta and desserts. The waste is fed Read more…

District Race – Palio

During the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, 16 July, there is a Palio of the districts, a race of horses ridden by jockeys representing the six local districts and contending for a ‘stake’, a banner.  

Caldara of Manziana

Within the Regional Natural Park of the Bracciano-Martignano is the area of the Caldara of Manzanita, recognized as a site of Community importance. The peculiarity of Caldara is the presence of a grove of birch trees (Betula pendula), at the edge of the bog. This plant is typical at much Read more…

Gianni Rodari Show and Festival

Gianni Rodari was a writer, educator and journalist, author of numerous short stories for children and teens. He was one of the greatest storytellers and has spent many years of his life in Manziana. His stories are classics of children’s literature and for that he was dedicated a permanent exhibition.

The Macchia Grande Woods

The forest of about 580 hectares is what remains of the ancient Silva Mantiana, which once covered much of northern Lazio. The dominant tree species are the century-old oaks, for which Macchia Grande is famous. Rich is also the undergrowth, consisting of plants such as ferns, wild roses, butcher’s broom, Read more…