Wild Asparagus Festival

During the month of April different festivals take place in Marcellina at the same time to capture all the senses of visitors. The wine and food culture is represented by the Festival of Wild Asparagus and the cultural tradition is satisfied by the Regional Barrel Organ Review.

Neanderthal Discoveries

In the Saccopastore gravel pit of the Aniene river bed, in “Le Fosse” and “The Caprine”, two Neanderthal skeletons were found, one of a hominid squatting with the skull facing of the Neanderthal now dated to belong to the Neolithic age. Throughout the Aniene Valley lived both Neanderthal man and Read more…

The Marcellini Castrum

Probably built on the ruins of the Roman town Regillum, the Marcellini Castrum was one of the many castles founded around one thousand due to the need to protect against the incursions of the Saracens and the Normans. The landowner’s name was Gregorio de’Marcellini and the village named after him Read more…

Marcellina (RM)

Guide of Marcellina

Marcellina is located on the slopes of Monte Gennaro and Monte Morra in the park Lucretili Monti, north-east of Rome. Its origins are ancient and here were found the remains of Neanderthal Man along with objects for use in hunting. The city was built by pre-Roman populations with a classical Read more…