Serpentone di Montagna

A day in the smallest town of Lazio with a food and wine tour in the historic center of the village of Marcetelli. The “Serpentone di Montagna” is a different way of getting to know the food and wine traditions with 7 stages dedicated to 7 different dishes paired with Read more…


The Ciacamarini are strips of egg pasta, hand-rolled, to be seasoned with sauce or simply with the excellent extra virgin olive oil of Sabina, grated local cheese and a good handful of freshly ground black pepper.

Castagna Rossa

In the resort of Val di Vani were found the charred remains of chestnuts from the Bronze Age. Since 1700’s the chestnut, rich in nutrients, has been the staple food for mountain populations. In the same period its market has grown from the use of chestnut wood for the construction Read more…

Porcini Mushroom Festival

The festival was created to promote the excellence from the woods: the porcini mushroom. Mushrooms are one of the main factors in the local economy. During the festival some local housewives do a demonstration of how to prepare “home made with egg”.