Feast of San Giuseppe

Monte Compatri celebrates fathers and its patron San Giuseppe (Saint Joseph) on March 19th, with great celebrations and events for everyone. The day begins with a solemn mass in honor of the saint and follows the traditional procession with the statue through the streets of the village.

Feast of Saint Anthony

The celebrations in honor of Saint Anthony begin on January 17 with the solemn procession through the streets of the village of Monte Compatri where the image of the saint accompanied by the country’s folk bands is paraded. It follows the traditional blessing of the animals and the curious masked Read more…

Monte Compatri among Flowers

A weekend dedicated to unusual flowers and plants is Monte Compatri among the Flowers. The centre of the village is transformed into a horticultural market with an exhibition of unusual plants and botanical rarities. A paradise for enthusiasts but also for those who want to better know this particular village Read more…

Festival of handmade fettuccine

A festival dedicated to the most famous Roman dish: handmade fettuccine, strictly with eggs. The moment of mushroom picking is approaching in the woods and the village of Monte Compatri comes alive for a weekend of fettuccine with porcini mushrooms. A food and wine experience and fun with live music Read more…

Folk Music Band Compatrum

The first news of the band date back to 1885 when it represented one of the few cultural activities in the town. Until the 60’s the repertoire was just classic, then a group of majorettes was added and expanded the choice of music.

Challenge of the Villages

On August 15, the five villages of Monte Compatri compete in the centre of the town with the bows and arrows at a target placed 25 meters away. This event is preceded by the ‘Propitiatory feast to the Village Challenge’ in July when every village organizes a dinner with shows Read more…

Calahorra Park

After twinning with the Spanish city of Calahorra, the park has been renamed the Calahorra Park. This area is interesting from a nature point of view and includes the flanks of Mount Solomon, now an old dormant volcano. It is a destination for many tourists, nature and geology lovers.