Philharmonic society

The Monte San Giovanni in Sabina Philharmonic Society was founded in 1890 and has 125 years of uninterrupted activity. Not even the world wars have stopped the band, as shown by the numerous historical documents.

Maccheroni Festival

In mid July (16 July 2016) there is the Macaroni Festival in Fezze: the macaroni is a traditional mixture of water and soft wheat flour is processed to obtain donuts which are then transformed into a skein. From this bundle are cut macaroni (irregular spaghetti).  

Immaginetta Festival

In May there is the Festival dell’Immaginetta with the typical fair of local goods and livestock. Every alternate year they prepare the beans with either pork rind or panzanella (salad of bread, tomatoes, onion, basil and oil) with homemade bread.

Osteria del Tancia

The Inn of the Tancia was a refreshment stop on the seasonal passage for shepherds with their flocks. From the first millennium BC, in Sabina seasonal stock movement was widely practised. The mountain pastures of the summer and winter ones in the Roman Campagna and the Tuscia. In Roman times Read more…

The Fortress of Tancia

In the tenth century two fortified settlements were founded in Tancia along the road linking the Tiber Valley and the Rieti valley. The castle of Tancia, founded between 967 and 975, and the castle of Fatucchio, in 988. Of these two villages only ruins remain today, dominated by dilapidated towers. Read more…