Jun 24: Fjallstein vikingr Fest

The second edition of the Fjallstein Vikingr Festival took place in Montelanico, three days immersed in a magical atmosphere that transformed Montelanico into a real Scandinavian village. Figures in costume and themed stands, to rediscover the traditions of the Viking people, all surrounded by a real viking camp with tents Read more…


The Collemezzo plateau is part of the famous Lepini Mountains and can be reached by car or on foot. This plateau only seven kilometers from the town is connected by paths to the neighboring towns of Carpineto Romano, Segni and Norma, which is situated on the opposite slope of the Read more…

Fountain in the plaza of Montelanico

The Fountain of Fawns is a sculpture in Art Nouveau style by Morolo Ernesto Biondi and is located in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele at the entrance of the village. Renovated in 2010, it comprises three bronze ‘little angels’ facing the water poured from a fourth into the centre.


“J’appallocco” is a special porridge which is topped with beans, pork rind or dried beans. Other special seasonings that are used during the autumn season are sausages and vegetables, or porcini mushrooms and truffles.

The Parquaria

The Parquaria Folk Group (PGF) are a group specialising in Popular Music that was founded in 2003 to raise awareness of the literary and musical culture of Montelanico. They started with music and poems by local authors like Mariano Brevetti e Giuseppe Riccioni following the style of the old popular Read more…