Christmas Markets

The third Sunday in mid-December, the streets of Montorio Romano come alive with the Christmas markets that recall the spirit of the holidays and offer new ideas for gifts. The local artisan products are on display for those who want to taste the local flavours.  

Cherry Ravenna Sabina

Cherry Ravenna has been cultivated for over 100 years, as evidenced by the secular plants in the area. The culture of the cherry is traditional and companies were created for the conservation of cherry liqueur or preparation of jam, syrups, juices and spirits.

Church of St. Leonard of Noblat

The church has a Romanesque style and dates back to the fourteenth century. Its simple fa├žade is flanked by a belfry. Inside there are frescoes of the same period. Recently two other frescoes have been brought to light. They two depict the Annunciation and two Saints, dating from the fourteenth Read more…

Church of Christ the King

The church was built in 1934 on an existing foundation, dedicated to SS. Annunziata and Christ the King. The windows, reproducing the symbols of the virtues and the sacraments, are the work of the brothers Mellini of Florence. Inside there are eighteenth century frescoes.

Baron Palace

The Palace was born as a fortress to defend against the enemy attacks and, over the centuries, was transformed into a noble residence. It has always hosted the noble families who that have alternatively owned Montorio. Its characteristic is that of having three different levels of windows each one different Read more…

Guide of Montorio Romano

In 857 Montorio was already part of the possessions of the Abbey of Farfa, as it appears from the chronicles written by the Cistercian monks. In the eleventh century, the inhabitants took shelter around a castle on a hill to escape the Barbarian invasions, where the medieval village was formed. Read more…