A feast derived from cooking in the oven for a few hours, the entire pig, previously gutted, boned, seasoned with salt and flavoured with black pepper, rosemary, fresh garlic and possibly chili. The pigs used are female also from national herds of live weight ranging from 40kg to about 90 Read more…

Festival of Pizzola

The Pizzola is a local delicacy: fried bread or dough, sprinkled with salt or sugar. The first Saturday in August you can savour it in the Festival of Pizzola accompanied by celebrations and other products of Sabina area.

Torricella Fair

On the last Sunday of August there is the Fair of Torricella that resembles a traditional market from the time when Morro attracted traders from neighbouring towns for the exchange of foodstuffs.

Church of San Lorenzo

The church dates back to the fifteenth century and has had profound changes in the eighteenth century. There is a very valuable cinerary urn is used as a baptismal font and a Madonna and Child, raised in the air by angels, with San Sebastian and another Saint on the sides. Read more…

Town Walls

The entrance to the village is through a curved gate followed by a passage with a barrel vault. The walls have square battlements, Guelph style, and circular and quadrangular towers recall their defensive purposes.

Guide of Morro Reatino

This small mountain village takes its name from the settlement of Roman Marruvio which in Latin means ‘rock’ or ‘heap of stones‘. Like many towns in the area, during the Middle Ages the people took refuge in the hills to escape the Barbarian invasions and formed their village around a Read more…