The first Sunday of November in Nespolo is celebrated autumn with a walk in the woods followed by the traditional chestnut festival. An opportunity to enjoy in the company of the beauty of the colors of nature and the taste of traditional food and dishes.

The ‘cecamariti’

This simple dough of water and flour owes its name to the speed of preparation. In this way each woman had time to devote to her ‘hobbies’ while her husband believed her to have been engaged all day in the dough preparation.

Church of San Sebastiano

According to the inscription engraved on the lintel of the door of the bell tower, the church was founded in 1357 and restored in 1521. In the Church of San Sebastiano is a painting of the sixteenth century Flemish School representing the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, the patron saint of Read more…

Guide of Nespolo

Around the thirteenth century on the highest part of a hill, Nespolo was formed by the union of some villages which had previously been isolated. The first news of this place is from 1024 when the abbot of the Abbey of Farfa has rented to Crescenzio of Rattone certain assets Read more…