Norma. Chestnut Festival

The town of Norma is the perfect setting for this festival dedicated to chestnuts, the absolute protagonists of the Lepini Mountains in the fall. Two days where the village comes alive with food stands for tasting chestnuts, their derivatives and local products. Two days dedicated also to the culture of Read more…

Norma. Prickly pears

One of the traditional fruits of the areas of the Lepini Mountains and Norma, overlooking the sea are the Prickly pears produced in large quantities by the cactus plants along the road edges and between the boundaries of land ownership.

Norma. Vegetables

The microclimate of Norma, in the mountains but overlooking the sea, makes garden products very tasty. The cultivations of vegetables and fruit, even if not large, are particularly sought after by those who appreciate good flavours. You can taste them in the local trattorias.

Norma. Chocolate Festival

With autumn the production of chocolate in Norma starts back up again and visitors have the pleasure of tasting this typical product that attracts people of all ages. The presence of the Chocolate Factory has led to the creation of a day of celebration dedicated to the tasting of local Read more…