Polentone Festival

Orvinio: Appetite comes traveling! An opportunity to stroll in one of the most beautiful villages of the Sabina while you taste a good plate of polenta, prepared as the polenta were prepared by once, seasoned with sausage, sauce with meat sauce or broccoli, there is something for everyone .  

Autumn in Orvinio

The day of All Saints is celebrated in the small village of Orvinio with an event that involves the entire center. A tasting based on typical products of autumn that begins with the famous chestnuts. An opportunity for a walk in the Lucretili Mountains following the path of San Benedetto.


Enorvinio is a Sunday in the village Orvinio dedicated to the discovery of the village and the typical products of the territory. It is an enogastronomic walk with wine tastings, craft beers and typical dishes. Craft markets and guided tours are planned.

Polenta Festival

In January, in the castle of Orvinio, we celebrate the Polenta festival. The polenta is served in the classic wooden ‘scifi’, that people can keep as a souvenir, and is topped with sausages, pork ribs and chicory and replaced in the pan.

Way of St. Benedict

The Way of St. Benedict runs along three hundred kilometers from Norcia, to the foothills of the Sibillini Mountains, to Subiaco, to the upper Aniene Valley, on to Cassino. The trail is divided into 16 stages through Umbria and Lazio. The stages are designed as a function of distance (average Read more…

Monti Lucretili Park

The park of Monti Lucretili includes 13 municipalities along the chain of the Lucretili mountains whose highest peaks are Mount Gennaro and Mount Pellecchia. They are well known for the variety of flora and fauna and for the long paths crossing them making thema destination for many mountain hiking enthusiasts.

Church of St. James

The Church of St. James was built in 1612 at the behest of Baron James Muti and built by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The plan of the building is octagonal in shape and boasted fine works by local artist Vincenzo Manenti that have been covered in the past centuries. Today the Read more…

Church of Santa Maria del Piano

The Church of Santa Maria del Piano Abbey was built in 817 DC for Charlemagne ordered following the resounding victory against the Saracens. The church was built on the foundation of an earlier Roman building and the Abbey was run by Benedictine monks. Given its great importance it was also Read more…