Truffle and Chestnut

Paganico Sabina is part of the “Truffle and Chestnut Road of the Turano Valley” which promotes, educates and raises awareness of the culture of the two main protagonists of the gastronomic forests of this area: the truffle and chestnut.

Festival of Vertuti

During the month of May is celebrated the Festival of Vertuti, a tasty soup of legumes and grains (beans, chickpeas, beans, wheat, corn), flavoured with wild thyme leaves and seasoned with olive oil of Sabina. The preparation of the dish is quite complicated due to the different hardness of the Read more…

Sala San Nicola

An exhibition hall is located within the complex of St. Nicholas and consists of two rooms. The first room preserves liturgical furnishings and the second is dedicated to rural life and the tools used in the past.

Church of St. Nicholas

The church stands on the site where once you had to find the medieval fortress and here lies the ancient tower with the town’s gate. Its present appearance is due to renovations over the centuries. It has a nave with two side altars with valuable eighteenth century paintings. There is Read more…

The Inscribed Stone

At the tomb of the Roman family of Muttini dating back to the first century BC is a boulder that broke off from the cliff face and then was patterned. It has an almost quadrangular plan and truncated pyramid shape. Under the base a cavity had been formed. The inscription Read more…