Autumn Festival

The last weekend of October in Pofi is celebrated in autumn with an event that combines eno-gastronomy and music. Tastings of Ciociaria cuisine and the peculiarities of Pofi accompanied by dances and popular music.

Potato Festival

The potato is grown throughout the territory of Pofi and for years has been the main food with which people have fed. This is why it is celebrated with a festival that enhances it and helps to discover all the traditions and recipes of the area linked to this tuber. Read more…

Bread soup

Once bread was baked every two weeks and one of the traditional dishes included stale bread used in soups with various vegetables and beans. In some versions are added peppers cooked in a frying pan and some pigs’ trotters.

‘Bowing solemnly’

On the evening of 14 August there is a procession called “dell’inchinata”, when the statues of the Assumption, St. Sebastian, St. Emidio, St. Rocco, St. Louis, San Francisco, San Pio, SS. Salvatore, St. Anthony, Saint Lucia and Saint Joseph are paraded through the streets of the town. In the square Read more…

Civic Museum

The museum contains archaeological finds of prehistoric times (from the Palaeolithic to the Neolithic), Roman (I – II century BC) and medieval. The most significant material is a fang “Elephans antiquus”, a fragment of ulna, and tibia from a “Homo Erectus” of 430,000 years.