The Spinsters Festival

The feast in honor of the patron Saint Nicholas of Bari is reported as a religious event in the Statute of 1627, and provides for the procession and two special events. On 6 December, after the religious services and the morning procession dedicated to San Nicola, Ponzano Romano hosts the Read more…

Museum Acqua Forte

In the plains of Saletti is the mineral spring Acqua Forte, with water particularly rich in iron. At the beginning of the twentieth century a bottling plant was built that was left abandoned after the interruption in 1922. The complex has been restored and is now a museum.  

Church of St. Nicholas of Bari

The church is located in the centre of the town and its origins certainly precede the first official document, a deed of 1494. The bell tower, built in the corner of the fa├žade dates back to the late thirteenth century. The church was remodelled in the eighteenth century and inside Read more…