In the territory of Proceno different varieties of legumes are cultivated such as chickpeas, cicerchie (grass peas) and beans. Some of these are local specialities for their characteristics of flavour and the combinations with which they are prepared in particular traditional dishes. For centuries they have constituted the fundamental food of the Read more…

Extra virgin olive oil

In the territory of Proceno a unique extra virgin olive oil DOP is produced with an emerald green colour with a fruity smell and a taste balanced between bitter and spicy. It goes perfectly with local cuisine and should be eaten raw over vegetables and meats.

Proceno Red Garlic

Proceno is famous for a particular variety of garlic called ‘red garlic of Proceno’ whose taste and properties have been known for centuries. Perhaps the clay soils, perhaps the microclimate of Proceno conditioned by Monte Amiata, are some of the many factors that contribute to make this variety unique. A Read more…