Prossedi. Zazzicchia Festival

The second weekend of December in Prossedi is celebrated one of the most famous typical dishes: the ‘Zazzicchia Prosseana’. A festival that has become a tradition thanks to the exceptional quality of this sausage that is cooked on the grill in the courtyard of Palazzo Baronale. Next to the sausage Read more…

Prossedi. Beer Festival

The first Saturday of November in Prossedi the Beer Festival animates the life of the village. Autumn has now arrived but every occasion is perfect to discover this enchanting village of Monti Lepini on the slope towards Latina.

Prossedi. Feast of the Goat

The first Saturday of September in Prossedi is the feast dedicated to the goat. The breeding of sheep and goats is one of the traditional activities of Lepinis and one that Prossedi remembers with a weekend of tastings and festivities.  

Prossedi. Evening of Seven Soups

The “Evening of Seven Soups” of Prossedi is an event that involves local housewives who prepare soups made with stale bread topped with beans, pork rind, onions, chickpeas, lentils, beans and broccoli, all products of the ancient traditions of the Lepini Mountains. The soups are blessed and distributed to all Read more…