The Mangialonga

In June there is a non-competitive walk through the woods and the archaeological sites of Rocca di Papa with stops during which you can sample the products of the local gastronomy.

Chestnut Festival

On the third Sunday of October there is the festival dedicated to the autumnal fruit ‘par excellence’: the chestnut. In addition to the typical chestnuts cooked on in huge holes in pans placed on the fire, you can taste mushrooms that are served with polenta.

Federal Equestrian Centre

In Pratoni del Vivaro is the federal equestrian centre, CONI, first used during the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome. The centre offers unique paths for the eventing fans who can compete among the peaceful hills, fields and large trees that make this place unique.

The Sacred Way

The sacred way is the ancient Roman road that was used by Roman generals to celebrate their victories. The path leads to the top of the mountain cable where once stood the temple of Jupiter Latiaris (one of the names for Jupiter in the Latin league). It winds around Mount Read more…

City Theatre

The municipal theatre was built in the area that originally had housed the municipal slaughterhouse and is one of the social centres of the city. Its intense activity is a cultural engine of the community.

Church of the Crucifixion

The Church of the Crucifixion dates from the late sixteenth century and owes its name to a wooden beam that supports a cross pendant. In 1747 the church collapsed due to a violent storm, destroying some houses. The inhabitants patiently rebuilt the church in the 1850s. The restorations were completed Read more…