Ninfeo Orsini

A few steps from the villa of Horace there is a “waterfall” of semicircular shape with a diameter of 23 meters obtained by excavating part of the hill. The water flows to three meters of height, forming a small waterfall which ends in a semicircular pond.

Del Gallo Castle

The castle of the Orsini (now named after its owners) is located on the highest point of the town. Among its walls you can see a Roman marble slab that certifies the devotion of the temple to the goddess Vacuna. The castle is now a hotel where special events, seminars Read more…

Guide of Roccagiovine

Roccagiovine is located on a rocky outcrop and is part of the Lucretili Mountains Regional Park above Tivoli east of Rome. In this area there was a temple dedicated to the Roman goddess Vacuna, goddess of idleness and relaxation after work in the fields, and here was the house of Read more…