Le Cantine de ‘na Vota

The third Sunday of November in Roccasecca is celebrated the new wine with an event in the picturesque scenery of Borgo Castello. Wine tasting and tastings of local cuisine make this day evocative with live music and shows. An opportunity to visit this village on Monte Asprano a stone’s throw Read more…

Enogastronomic trail

Autumn is celebrated in Roccasecca with a day dedicated to the rediscovery of traditional flavors and local excellence. A path that winds through the streets of the village where there are food and wine stands but also corners dedicated to children’s shows and live music.

Saltarello, dance of life

Saltarello is life. It is a dance of life, of liberation, of challenge. Saltarello contains a world of messages, proposals, waste, gambling, outburst, union and jealousy. Saltarello is an ancient dance. They danced almost always outdoors, on the farmyards, after intense working days in the harvest, in the wheat harvest Read more…