Oil festival

Roiate waits for the third Sunday of November to celebrate the new oil and autumn. The village is all in the square to taste the flavors of this season and to celebrate the rest of nature together. Roiate oil is particularly appreciated for its taste and for its taste that Read more…

Beer Festival

A fine way to experience the village of Roiate on a weekend of late summer enjoying the local cuisine accompanied by excellent beer. An opportunity to listen to live music and enjoy traditional dances in the village.

Calici & Sapori under the stars

An evening of tastings with an enogastronomic route in the village of Roiate where large tables welcome tourists who can experience the thrill of a typically Italian lifestyle. A gastronomic journey designed to make you taste all the local specialties: cheeses, legumes, first with peasant sauces, meat, biscuits and pies Read more…

Pertuso Roiate

It is a typical natural tunnel carved in a trench by the water of the Rio. It sinks to about 300 meters. In dry periods there is no water flow in the trench and into the cave, while in the wet, the floods are violent.

Church of St. Benedict

The church was erected to enclose a sunken stone boulder on which, according to ancient tradition, the saint left the imprint of his body after resting overnight on the site. The boulder, at certain times or circumstances, exudes small drops of liquid to which the faithful attribute miraculous powers and Read more…