Tasting in the Roviano Palace

This is a day dedicated to the wines of Lazio with tastings in the Baronial Palace of the enchanting medieval village of Roviano. It is a meeting between the great Lazio wines and some fine Italian wines to greet the end of summer with levity.

Festival dejju Salavaticu

In September the Festival ‘dejju Salavaticu’ is held: it is a large circular pancake prepared with water, wheat flour and salt, with the addition of fragrant leaves of wild Roman mint, cooked in oil and served piping hot and crispy. In the past farmers’ wives were carrying these pancakes in Read more…

Pagan feast of Marzella

The first week of June the Feast of Marzella is celebrated, which in dialect a means a turgid and well-developed asparagus, an exuberant symbol of youthful virility. After dinner, between singing and wine, a procession is held through the streets of the town with a big “stennardina”, statuette of “Fra Read more…

Roman aqueducts

The territory is crossed by several Roman aqueducts, the most important is the Acqua Marcia dating back to 144-130 BC that was built by the magistrate of Roviano Quintus Marcius Rex. There was access to the aqueducts across the Via Valeria Vetus, a military variant of the Via Valeria.  

Museum of Rural Civilization Aniene

The Museum of Rural Life is an ethno-anthropological collection of the rural world, an important testimony of the life of artisans and workers in the Aniene Valley The collection includes about 2000 pieces coming mostly from donations of the inhabitants. The exhibition is located inside the Brancaccio Castle fortress.