Feast of Flavors

The third Sunday of October in Sacrofano is dedicated to the discovery of local flavors including the famous pappardelle with wild boar sauce, mulled wine and sacrofanese donuts to celebrate the arrival of autumn. A village that is filled with street artists and food stands. The day ends with a Read more…


Tripe is one of the typical dishes from Lazio par excellence, a traditional recipe for the poor made with a part of the “waste” and not very expensive part of the pig. The tripe is seasoned with local mint and accompanied by cannellini beans.

Palio della Stella

On the second Sunday of September the Palio della Stella is held. It was inspired by a popular local legend. It is said that, at the time of the Crusades, there was a love affair between a young knight named Desirio and a girl named Tommasina and the rider had Read more…

Sacrofano Macchia

It is a virgin forest area that includes the hill of Monte Musino from where the aqueducts flow in a tunnel that fed the ancient Etruscan city of Veii. The area is bounded by gates and you can explore it on foot, horseback and mountain biking.


The original fortress had a trapezoidal shape, with an inner courtyard with a tower and a moat facing towards the mountain, where there was the equally fortified town. At the end of the fourteenth century a tower near the church of St. John became the residence of the Orsini and Read more…