Fried pizza festival

August 4, A festival awaited in San Giorgio a Liri to live the streets of the village outdoors between music and dance and enjoy one of the symbols of Ciociaria. The pizza is fried in the stands in the square and is offered in various variations. Fried pizza with vegetables Read more…

Saltarello, dance of life

Saltarello is life. It is a dance of life, of liberation, of challenge. Saltarello contains a world of messages, proposals, waste, gambling, outburst, union and jealousy. Saltarello is an ancient dance. They danced almost always outdoors, on the farmyards, after intense working days in the harvest, in the wheat harvest Read more…


The lake is a groundwater source that forms a body of water right in the initial centre of the town. At this lake according to the popular tradition, is where St. George the Martyr defeated a dragon, symbol of evil, to save a young girl, daughter of the king.

Church of San Giorgio

The first church of San Giorgio a Liri dates from the late Middle Ages and was built by the monks of Montecasino. It was destroyed in 846 and rebuilt. At the entrance you notice a stone lion, symbol of the Benedictine rule.

Castle Prince Morra

This was the abbey palace, handed down in the early 1800s to the Princes Morra Pignatelli. The abbot Aligerno had it rebuilt from the old “shell” of St. George, surrounding it with walls and defensive towers from which you can admire the ruins.