Festival of the Sagne Scandrigliesi

The switzerland scandrigliesi are a particular pasta made with flour, water, salt and the addition of egg. This makes them particularly suitable for absorbing sauces and for flavoring. A party that involves the whole country and an opportunity to go hiking in the picturesque nature of the Lucretili Mountains Park.

Stracciate Festival

The Sagne (from Scandriglia) have a very simple pasta made with flour and water. The dough is spread with a rolling pin and “sfoglia” are torn erratically by hands. The dressing is made with olive oil, garlic, chili pepper and pecorino cheese.  

Regional Natural Park of Monti Lucretili

Scandriglia is the extreme offshoot of the Sabine Mountains and is one of 13 municipalities of the Regional Natural Park of Lucretili Mountains. This is the largest park in the Lazio region and extends from the Pre-appennini to the plains with a landscape characterized by forests, plains and lakes.

Church of St. Mary of the Assumption

The church was built in the tenth century and then subject of a major renovation in the eighteenth century. It has an elegant façade and a small staircase. Inside you can see precious paintings of the seventeenth and eighteenth century and a sixteenth-century wooden sculpture depicting the Madonna and Child.

Palace of the Anguillara

The mansion dates back to the fifteenth century Renaissance style and has some late Gothic additions, like the famous mullioned window and the marble portals that adorn the main facade. Inside are preserved frescoes of Antoniazzo Romano school.  

Guide of Scandriglia

In this place in Sabina, the Greeks had their Mefila colony which then became Roman. It seems that Scandriglia arose on this colony and later was characterized by many rustic villas. The area was almost entirely occupied by the agricultural lands  of the villa of the senatorial family Scandillii. From Read more…