Fallone Festival

The fallone is a kind of peasant cake that is obtained by mixing corn flour, lukewarm water and salt. It is cooked in a wood oven and stuffed with fragrant vegetables. It should be eaten still hot. The festival is held in late June.

Medieval village

You can enter the medieval village through the ‘Castrum Silica’ door, belonging to the ancient city walls. In the original medieval castle you can visit the majestic tower with a square plan, the ‘Castri Rocca’ (Fortress Castle) and the ‘Plataea Palatii Communis’.  

Guide of Selci

Selci was born on the ruins of the Roman fort of Campolungo, along the Via Salaria. Here was the Tulliano villa where two funerary strains of the Imperial period (Trajan-Hadrian) were found, belonging to the spouses Tullio Epaphras and Tullia Simferusa, owners of the villa. After the tenth century, the Read more…