Antica Tivoli (Ancient Tivoli)

In April an event dedicated to the history and traditions of Ancient Tivoli. A weekend to learn about the beauty and the indelible history left by the Roman people in one of the most beautiful villages of Lazio. Many themed activities for the whole family, with historical re-enactments and stands Read more…

Art & Painting exhibition

The Tivoli Art & Painting exhibition takes place every year inside the Estensi Stables, where hundreds of works are exhibited, from paintings to sculptures to photographs, all created by local artists from all over the province. A day immersed in local art between a visit to the exhibition and in Read more…


Type of table grape of high quality known as ‘grapes with horns’ for its curious oval shape. The grapes can be grown in white and black varieties. According to an old folk legend, this grape had the ability to make women’s eyes beautiful when they ate them.


The ‘scafata’ has a rural origin linked to simplicity and the use of local products such as: beans, peas, artichokes, potatoes, onion and garlic.

Acque Albule Thermal Bath

The baths have been known since the time of Emperor Augustus and are located at the sulphur springs. They are particularly suitable for certain therapies. Cardinal Ippolito d’Este became appointed governor of Tivoli just to be near these waters that he used to treat his gout. The name ‘Acque Albule’ Read more…

Aquaduct Anio Novus

The aqueduct dating back to 38 B.C. and was built by Caligula along the Via Empolitana, running from Tivoli, it passes through Castel Madama and arrives in Ciciliano. The greatest amount of remains are found in Tivoli, specifically in the area of the Arch Bridge, where a bridge crossed the Read more…

Catillo Nature Reserve

The Catillo Reserve is a place where two different ecosystems overlap and it has a great and valuable floral diversity. The variety of plant species makes the reserve a place much loved by botanists and all lovers of experiences of nature.

Cathedral of San Lorenzo

The Cathedral of San Lorenzo or the Cathedral of Tivoli was built in medieval times and is famous for its beautiful Romanesque bell tower 45 meters high. An ancient legend associates the construction of the cathedral to the Emperor Constantine, who reputedly built it over the ruins of the ancient Read more…