Museum Maria Petrucci

The museum of the artist “Maria Petrucci” is in five rooms of the Raniero house dating from the seventeenth century. The works include wood sculptures, oil paintings and artistic passages with experimental materials. A section is then devoted to objects of popular and peasant culture.  

Church of San Lorenzo

The church seems to have been built in 640 on the ruins of a pagan temple dedicated to Janus. The church has undergone major changes in the twelfth and sixteenth centuries. On its façade you can see elements belonging to Roman tombs from the second century BC and two “tabulae Read more…

Ruffetti Bufalieri Palace

The Palazzo Ruffetti-Bufalieri dates from the fifteenth century and was built during the urban expansion that began with the Orsini. The travertine portal seems to be based on the Sangallo drawing. The palace housed the seminary of Farfa from1637-1705.  

Orsini Palace

Palazzo Orsini, now the town hall, is an example of the fifteenth century palace with a nice portico with four arches that characteristise the upper floor. The first-floor facade is decorated with three travertine Guelph windows.

Guide of Toffia

Toffia has been inhabited since Roman times and many ancient artifacts can be seen in the walls of its churches, especially that of San Lorenzo. The current village was probably founded by the Lombard Theobald I, Duke of Spoleto, and the first written records we have from 940 are in Read more…