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The Teofilatto Castle

The Teofilatto Castle, or Torre Cajetani Castle, stands on a rocky hillside overlooking an extensive valley up to Lake Canterno. Its construction dates back to Roman times, when it was a fortified place to protect the ancient hamlet. It hosted important historical figures such as St. Benedict on his journey Read more…

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Old Village

Today the traces of the past come to life through the same symbol of the town, the Castle, a tangible sign of historical continuity, a living witness of the Middle Ages and the period of the greatest splendour of this village, whose heart, with winding lanes and ancient churches that Read more…

Torre Cajetani Monumento ai caduti - Bettiol - 89

War Memorial

At the entrance of the village is the monument to the fallen of the First World War. The marble statue of the soldier looks like a silent guard for the Anticolana Valley and Lake Canterno.  

Torre Cajetani Chiesa SS. Trinità - Bettiol - 99

Church of the Most Holy Trinity

The population of Torre Cajetani is strongly linked to the Sanctuary of the Most Holy Trinity of Vallepietra, and every year in June it participates in the pilgrimage on foot. The Torre Cajetani Company starts from this little church after the celebration of a Mass. The church is of medieval Read more…

Torre Cajetani teatro parco laghetto - Bettiol - 109

Outdoor Theatre

Next to a small artificial lake near the chapel of Sant’Antonio, a small theatre of semi-circular steps has been constructed with a stage where actors and musicians can perform in front of the lake. The scenery is striking and the area is also used for other events.