Torre Cajetani teatro parco laghetto - Bettiol - 109

Outdoor Theatre

Next to a small artificial lake near the chapel of Sant’Antonio, a small theatre of semi-circular steps has been constructed with a stage where actors and musicians can perform in front of the lake. The scenery is striking and the area is also used for other events.

Polenta con i Tanni

Polenta with Tanni

Tanni are a particular type of rapeseed broccoli and the raw vegetables are cooked in a pan with plenty of oil, garlic, salt and very little water. Tradition also calls for a bit of chili. Polenta is made with maize flour, preferably large grain, and when it is cooked it Read more…

Torre Cajetani- Parco by Nicola Paoloni (12)

Farm Holidays

At the end of July in the Park of Lake Cerano there is a traditional farm holiday dedicated to agriculture with display of local products, equipment and tasting of the main dishes of the local rural tradition.