Centre of Medieval Studies

Since 1987 the castle has been the seat of “Domus Theophylacti Opus”, centre of medieval studies and culture. The centre is concerned with enhancing and promoting the medieval origins of the Teofilatto family and the enhancement of a little-known part of our history.

Torre Cajetani Laghetto di Cerano e teatro - Bettiol - 94

Lake Cerano Park

The park was built around an artificial lake of ancient origins. The lake was used as a drinking trough and the area for pasture for flocks, and already in 1665, Count Antonio Caetani has been informed of the arrangement for use of the lake. A short distance to the right Read more…

Aquino. The fini fini

The peasant cuisine is characterized by simplicity and authenticity and its basic ingredients are definitely “poor” but of excellent quality in Aquino. Thin egg noodles called “fini fini”, is made and cut by hand and served with a meat sauce or a simple tomato sauce.