Christmas concert

 The Sunday of mid-December in Torri in Sabina holds the traditional Christmas Concert dedicated to the arrival of the Child Jesus. The concert includes traditional pieces, such as the “Madonna della Lode”, reworked to be played by a group consisting of choirs and musical instruments.

I Falloni

The “Fallon” are rolled pizzas stuffed with vegetables (chard, chicory, or courgettes). In other towns they are called ‘calzoni’ (‘trousers’). They have a slightly spicy flavour and were traditionally prepared once a week at the bakery.

Forum Novum

The oldest archaeological findings date back to the period of the Sabines, although the Romans have the merit of making this a very important area, as evidenced by the remains of the Forum Novum market town. The ‘novum’ name comes from the fact that there was a more ancient market Read more…

Church of San Giovanni Battista

The church was erected in the mid-sixteenth century, and its simple façade is flanked by an ornate bell tower with mullioned windows. Inside there are numerous works including the paintings depicting St. Anselm and St. Liborio, of the school of Perugino, a baptismal font from the sixth century, a seventeenth-century Read more…

Guide of Torri in Sabina

The area of Torri in Sabina has been inhabited since Roman times with the establishment of the Forum Novum market town. After a period of invasions, the inhabitants took refuge in fortresses built on the high ground. In the Middle Ages they formed the villages around the ‘castra’ and Torri Read more…