Festival of Wild Asparagus

In April in Torrita Tiberina you go hunting for Asparagus with the Festival of Wild Asparagus (“Sagra dell’Asparago Selvatico”). A day dedicated to wild asparagus, a delicious vegetable loved by all Italians and typical of the spring season. From the smaller stem and head, this variety of asparagus prefers sandy Read more…

Church of St. Thomas the Apostle

Originally this church was the chapel of the castle. Incorporated into the walls, the church has changed considerably during the Fascist period and today is no longer possible to recognise its initial structure. The original part is represented by the impressive exterior walls that include a cylindrical tower. Inside are Read more…

Baron Palace

It is also known as Palazzo Savelli, from the name of the family in the twelfth century that transformed the original watch tower in fortress with walls, moat and drawbridge. It is now municipal property, and has been turned into a hotel and restaurant.