“Nuova racchia”

Nuova racchia is a musical group founded in 1957 as a response to American music. It is a lively retelling of the folkoristica music played with everyday work tools. Every August 15, the group performs with their noisy special instruments that they built. Over the years the group has gained Read more…

Feast of the Patron Saint Orsio

The patron saint is celebrated on the last Sunday of August with religious procession and popular festivities that include a race of thoroughbred horses ridden bareback, musical performances and ‘distribution of the soup’ a special ritual in which people are offered bread soaked in wine contained in large wooden vats.

Villa Romana Fontiloro

The great Roman imperial villa covers over 10,000 square meters along the Braccianese road. Every day new findings are made mostly dating to the Augustan period and are intended for the Archaeological Museum of Villa Giulia in Rome.

Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary

The chapel dates from the sixteenth century and is also known ‘Santacroce’ because it contains the tombs of Onofrio nobles, Scipione and Giorgio Santacroce. It is a valuable Renaissance building constructed on a design attributed to Antonio da Sangallo the Younger.