Stuffed Squid

Breadcrumbs, garlic, oil, parmesan, eggs, and white wine create the filling to add taste to the stuffed calamari, a traditional flavour of this strip of land of the Mediterranean.

Cianfotta of Ventotene

It is a typical dish of Ventotene in spring in which you can taste the aromas of the earth in fresh onion (called picci-pecce) that is fried in olive oil. To this are added fava beans, peas, artichokes, potatoes and wild asparagus in order of cooking. Some also add verbs. Read more…

Fish soupe

In the deep seas around Ventotene, red fish, cuttlefish, squid and other fish are found used to prepare tasty soups. Ventotene soup is ‘red’, flavoured with a sauce of small tomatoes and chilli pepper for hot lovers. It is served on a base of roasted bread.

Ventotene Lentil Soup

In the Ventotene fields a Lentil is grown with special characteristics: richer in iron and with a tender skin. Its flavor is enhanced by soups prepared with tomatoes from the island, onion, and in some variations with pancetta, oregano and a drizzle of oil.

The music band

The band was formed in 1985 and accompanies the social and religious life of the island of Ventotene. It is in the foreground during the festival of the patron saint Santa Candida where it creates the musical background for the procession and for the launch of the hot air balloons. Read more…

Rumori nell’Isola Festival

The Festival Rumori nell’Isola in September is a music festival that marries the different styles of jazz music with experimentation and improvisation. It was founded in 2002 on the island of Ventotene and takes place the first week of September, when the evenings are sweet and the climate is soft. The atmosphere of the Belvedere terrace and Read more…